Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

Kitchen Project

Prit and I offer a very humble “thank you” to the special friends who have responded to the needs regarding our kitchen project. Brother Rodelin is furiously working at this moment to bring our kitchen to a functioning level before we return. The tile has been paid for and is almost completely laid. John told us our dedicated workers have been laboring late into the night in order to get the job done. Boss Luckner is finishing up the cabinets for the second mission house as well as building an island for our main house. Now that the counter has been demolished, we’ll have to have somewhere to work.

Further ahead, we still will need cabinet space for this house as well, but we’re thankful for what has taken place so far. If you would like to help us continue the work, your gift would be greatly appreciated.

Musical Equipment

9898_10151594099053251_235627673_nA special recognition goes to The Lord’s Table Church in Goldsboro, N.C., for responding to our need for a mixer and amplifier for our main church compound in Petite-Anse. We have limped along with a sound system for years that is practically non-functioning. The Lord’s Table has come to the rescue. There are still other instruments and equipment that need to be purchased if anyone would like to help us in this regard as well. Pictures will be forthcoming!

The Main Thing

We listen frequently to the Christian 107.3 radio station here in Fayetteville, NC. Their motto is Keeping the Main Thing, the Main Thing. Of course, by this they mean that Christ is the center of all they do and their intention is to bring him glory.

Here at Rehoboth Ministries, we have certain priorities that help us keep us focused on the main thing. Our main thrust is that of making disciples in the local church for the glory of God. This, in turn, requires the training up of leaders through our Bible institute and planting of churches. The outreach ministries that help alleviate the suffering of the Haitian people also serve as an inroad to demonstrating the love of Christ through action thereby drawing them unto him. Therefore, the majority of our funds are invested in accomplishing these goals. In maintaining the running of five church plants, three schools, a Bible institute, and a feeding program that feeds over 1,200 students, there is little left over for extras such as construction work, sound equipment, and such. For this reason, we greatly value your support in helping our ministry to function more smoothly.

Feeding Program

601101_476561449065672_117211100_nSpeaking of the feeding program, September is just around the corner. Our students will be returning to school soon, eager to learn. However, many of them will come hungry and in expectation of a hot meal. Would you like to help us lift this burden from their parents’ shoulders? If so, please send a check to the address on our website or simply make a donation through PayPal. Again, we are so grateful to all of you who give on a regular basis to feed our schoolchildren.

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