Tear Down This Wall!

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With a $500 gift from a dear friend to spur us on, we are elated to say that the work of enlarging the kitchen in our main mission house has begun! The counter that boxed in our very limited kitchen space is finally coming down! This is a desire fulfilled and will simplify our lives greatly. Once the counter debris is taken away, our workers will smooth concrete over the kitchen/den area and prepare it for the laying of the tile. As I write this post, all our kitchen paraphernalia sits outside on our front porch. Even John’s been put outside!

Prit and I are planning to leave in less than two weeks and are hurrying to get this project finished before we touch down in Haiti. The reason, obviously, is that the kitchen will, once again, become the main center of activity. We have lots of visitors and teams scheduled to arrive in just a few short weeks so we are anxious to complete this project.

We are $559.00 short of completing this phase. Can you help us? Our time is short and your help would be greatly appreciated!

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