What Folks Are Saying about What You Give

DSCN2793Pastor Michel Gallant is overseeing our church plant in the countryside. It is close to the small town of Belle-Hôtesse. He related to me that the parents of the schoolchildren that attend his school asked him if there would be a feeding program for their school this upcoming September. When Pastor Michel said “Yes,” the parents stood and applauded. Asking them why they were clapping, here were some of their replies.

  • “Pastor, if we know there will be food served in school in September, it will be a great relief to us. When our children get up in the morning, we usually send them to school with empty stomachs because there is nothing in the house.”
  • “Pastor, the meal my child gets at school is usually his last meal before he goes to bed at night.”

A conversation between Pastor Michel and one of their students went like this:

“Bonjour Pas, are we going to eat today?”

“Yes, we’ll eat today.”

“Pastor, I wish we could eat every day.”

“Pastor Adams and his wife are doing all they can and we’ll pray that the Lord will make it possible for you to eat every day.”

For those of you that have helped us with our feeding program, we want to thank you once again for being the catalyst for making great things happen in the lives of these kids.

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