Busy & Bittersweet

For the last several days we have been cleaning out Prit’s parents’ home and going through their house with Prit’s sister (Mary) and her husband deciding what to keep and what to give away. Box after box of books and clothes have been hauled off to the Salvation Army. Cabinets and closets are being emptied and cleaned out. It’s been both an incredibly busy and bittersweet time.

Our bedroom, which was our home for over twenty years in Fayetteville, is now empty, dusted, and vacuumed. What remains has to go in storage until we know where our next home will be. We ask for your prayers in this regard for the Lord’s direction in all these things. P.G. and Lucy’s dining room table was the nerve center for Rehoboth Ministries. It’s amazing that so much was accomplished in so little space. What’s more amazing is how generous Prit’s parents were in sharing the space that they had. We have lost two of the most committed supporters of our ministry in Haiti. Going through their home and gathering up their items is a constant reminder of them and all for which they stood.

Speaking of Haiti, we’ll be returning there around mid-August. There is much to do before we buy those tickets to Cap-Haitian. If you would like for us to come minister in your church or fellowship, please check out our schedule. There are still some open dates. Our time is running down and we have to plan wisely.

We are so grateful to all of you who have sent memorial gifts to Rehoboth Ministries in Lucy’s memory. Others of you have brought food and still others have prayed earnestly for our family. We are truly rich when it comes to our friends.

2 thoughts on “Busy & Bittersweet

  1. Thanks for updating on your blog here. we have been praying for you both . That is alot of work going through a home. I had to do that with my dad. in packing and just selling the home. We love you both .
    Tom, Anna and Tati

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