Prayer at Home and Abroad

  • 10246743_745983485442262_9169053273424571389_nHaiti has been suffering from a terrible drought in the Northwest. This has affected the overall supply of food as well as prices. Please click here to read more about it — “Drought, poor harvest to worsen Haiti food crisis.” Also, we ask for your prayers for Haiti and to be able to continue the feeding program for our students.
  • Prit’s mom is still in rehab. She was making great progress until Sunday afternoon. As she was trying to arrange the covers on her bed, she slipped out of the bed onto the floor. Unfortunately, she fractured her rib. This is a setback, but we’re asking for your prayers for her to be able to mend quickly.
  • 551We salute Keith Starkey for the legacy he has left behind. Keith and his wife, Clara, were the founders of Agape Flights, Int. This ministry to the missionaries in Haiti was started in 1980. We have benefited from it from the time we arrived there thirty-one years ago until today. Thursday is one of the highlights of our week, for this is when the Agape plane flies in letters and cargo. The Agape workers in Venice, Florida, work tirelessly buying supplies which range anywhere from batteries for a radio to huge tractor tires. Agape is literally our lifeline to the States and it’s all because Keith and Clara Starkey had a vision from God and obeyed it. Keith passed away on April 23 at the ripe old age of 87. If you wish to know more about the Starkeys or Agape Flights, visit They provide such a wonderful and vital ministry!

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