Kids We Love

kidsThank you again for your generous and cherished donations to our children’s feeding program. Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of happy children scraping their plates as they finish off a nourishing meal that’s been set before them. Pastor Délinx (Petite-Anse), Pastor Lefort (Sainte-Philomène), and Pastor Gallant (Belle-Hôtesse) asked us to send a great big “thank you” from them as well.

The school year is beginning to wind down. Can you help us continue to feed the kids from our three schools and finish this year’s course? You can help keep the smiles on these children’s faces and stave off the hunger in their stomachs.

Here are the latest pictures of our adorable, incredible, and sweet grandson. Samuel is growing so quickly and we wish we could be there to see all the changes. He’s actually beginning to keep his eyes open instead of sleep all the time. We miss you Sam! There’s a picture of his proud Mom in there too.

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