Best Wishes: Lucy Is Turning 85 on Monday

That is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine. Romans 1:12

For those of you who know Prit’s mom, you are aware that she has had a very difficult year. Lucy has had several bouts of sickness and has been in and out of the hospital at least five times. On top of that, she lost her husband of sixty-one years last month.

Lucy will turn 85 years old on Monday, April 28. We would love to take her several greetings from her friends in order to encourage her. If you would like to leave a note at the bottom of this page for Lucy, we will share it with her when we go celebrate celebrate together on Monday. If you’d prefer, you can send a note to my e-mail address instead and I’ll make sure she gets it. The address is danaptl -at- aol -dot- com.

3 thoughts on “Best Wishes: Lucy Is Turning 85 on Monday

  1. I’m very happy to know that, pastor Prit’ mom is fine . Happy birthday sister Lucy. God bless you and keep you strong!
    pastor michel

  2. Lucy, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! I love you.and so enjoyed our Tuesday morning prayer time. Praying God’s blessings for you! Love Sandy Shipley

  3. .Praying for you, Lucy!!! So sorry about PG!!!! Have a blessed birthday, and enjoy your time with Pritchard and Dana!!!! Love, Mary Jack Hinnant DeLuca

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