Thank You, MFI!

images-6We’ve been back for a whirlwind trip to the States and are already packing to leave tomorrow for Ft. Lauderdale. By Wednesday, we’ll be back in Cap-Haitian by early morning. This past week, we’ve been in Reston, Va., attending the East Coast MFI Conference. It would take a whole book to tell about all the services, workshops, reuniting with old friends, not to mention seeing all our kids at once! Suffice it to say, it was well worth the trip. We’re so grateful to be part of MFI and to rub shoulders with some great people.

We want to thank the MFI Leaders for providing the International Leaders with a free hotel stay for the week and $400 towards our air fare, not to mention the wonderful Welcome Basket that was awaiting us when we arrived.

2 thoughts on “Thank You, MFI!

  1. Great to hear. I was not aware that they did that for missionary members but that is very encouraging to hear of how they show care for those serving on the mission field.

  2. So glad to hear our precious friends had such a profitable time at MFI conference. Our son Corey and his wife Erin (our new lead pastors) loved their conference in Portland too. As for us, we were getting their girls off to school, making lunches, etc. Love those girls!!! I agree with previous comment from John Finochio ; seems the least we can do to support these people who are so selfless in their lives and ministry. We love you Prit and Dana. So sad you probably can’t come back to Canada ; we are talking about coming to see you in Cap-Haitian. Would love to be with you and your people again.

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