Support a Missionary!

World_Missions_by_CharisAlexandraI was talking with a dear friend this week and she related an interesting story to me. It is definitely food for thought.

My friend shared that her pastor was praying about an electric bill that his church didn’t have the funds to pay. As he was reminding the Lord of their need, he heard the Lord emphatically tell him, “Support a missionary.” “Lord,” the pastor replied, we can’t even pay our electric bill. How are we going to support a missionary?” The Lord simply spoke to him again, saying, “Support a missionary.”

The pastor didn’t know any missionaries at the time and had to search for someone he felt was worthy of support. As the church began to help fund their missionary on the foreign field, sure enough, money for the electric bill was supplied as well. But that’s not the end of the story. Today, this church supports more missionaries than any other church within their entire organization. They began to see the importance of being a part of something greater than themselves.

World missions are at the very center and focus of our Lord’s attention. His eyes are on the nations and he is intimately involved with the incoming harvest. (Matthew 9:38) I want to encourage you to get aligned with God’s supreme purpose, the Great Commission. Lift up your heart to the Lord and ask him how you can get in the flow of what he is doing in the earth. Maybe you’ll hear a still, small voice saying to you as well, “Support a missionary.”

1 thought on “Support a Missionary!

  1. This story (Support a Missionary) reminds me of a dream the Lord gave me years ago. I had a desire to support a missionary each month, but I didn’t know how much to give or how much I could afford to give. So I prayed and asked the Lord how much money I should give each month. He answered me in a dream. He showed me the amount to give, and then He showed me how my finances would multiply because of my giving! I now support two missionaries monthly, and I give to other mission work at different times. The Lord has definitely blessed my finances. I didn’t know or understand how important missionary work was to the heart of God until I had this dream. We should all be supporters of our missionaries!

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