Forward Movement

DownloadedFileMoving Ahead

It’s a busy time in the Kingdom of God! Since our return from the States, we’ve shifted gears to adapt ourselves once again to Haitian life. It seems every day has its own busyness and there’s a steady stream of people entering or leaving our house for one reason or another. Our Bible institute has been back in full swing since August. John is finding his niche and loves his classes. When he’s not in class, he can be found in the study room with his head buried in a book. Both he and Prit are busily involved with their classes and the task of molding future leaders.

September seems to have been construction month. Our new depot is almost completed and we finally have somewhere to put our belongings … well, most of them. Our house has been running over with everything from boxes to books. What a relief to have somewhere to put the ironing board other than on our front porch!

Back to School

October is just around the corner and will bring its own joys and frustrations. The Haitian schools will start back up and many people are already showing up at our door asking for help with their children’s tuition costs. Our feeding program for over 1,300 students, staff, and cooks will recommence as well and some wide-eyed kids will be looking for a decent meal to carry them through the day. We still have a long way to go. Will you please pray with us that this goal will be met? We know that all things are possible with the Lord’s help. (Click on the Projects tab at the top of this page.) Thanks to all of you who have been giving faithfully. Heaven bears witness to your generosity.

Trinity Church Work Team

On October 25, we’ll be hosting a work team from Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington, for 10 days. The team be laying the tile for our future conference room as well as other various projects. We are very excited that they are coming. For some of them, this will be their first mission trip. For others, this will be a real sacrifice budget-wise. Yet, they have felt very stirred to come and we will be very grateful for their help, not to mention their fellowship. Our construction has continued from our depot to the little mission house next door where our team will be staying. There is much work that needs to be accomplished before they touch ground exactly a month from today. We are working furiously to get the house in a livable state, i.e., putting in electricity, replacing the old dilapidated ceiling, adding three new doors and renovating the back porch. Again, we ask your prayers for us as we tackle these tasks.

MFI East Coast Conference

Before the team flies in from Tacoma, we will have already returned to the States for our annual MFI Conference. This time, however, we’ll be traveling to Reston, Virginia, instead of Portland, Oregon. MFI is now hosting two separate conferences on both the East and West coasts. This will be much more cost-effective for us to not have to fly across the country. Our only regret was that we would not be able to see our son, Gabriel, in Portland this year. But our disappointment has turned to joy after learning that Gabriel will be traveling with the worship team from City Bible Church in Portland. What a treat to be able to see our son again for a whole week!

We’ll arrive back in Haiti just a few days before the work team arrives.

Thank You

No forward movement would be made in this part of the Lord’s vineyard without the generous support of our wonderful supporters. Thank you again for enabling us to be God’s messengers in a land that has been full of darkness for centuries, but upon which a great light is beginning to shine forth. This is definitely not the same Haiti that we came to thirty years ago.

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