Change the World

world-missions-background“Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?”

What a question! Steve Jobs, CEO and owner of Apple Computer put this question bluntly to John Sculley, at the time the President of the Pepsi company. Never one for mincing words, Jobs got right to the point. His question was brilliant and got to the heart of the matter–either represent something superficial or be part of something that’s not only great, but will leave a legacy. Jobs’ point was well taken and Sculley came aboard with Apple, making his job with Pepsi a thing of the past.

Apple has gone on to become the avant-garde company of the computer world. Who today hasn’t heard of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Apple products are considered by many to be the best information technology products in the world. I’m in that crowd. I’m typing this post on my Mac. Even though Steve Jobs has now departed this earth, I still admire his high standard of excellence in everything he did. I’m not sure if he had any peer who was his equal.

I also love this story for a different reason, however. Jobs’ statement went to the core of what he believed in. He wanted to leave his mark on this world. However, there is a much higher purpose to life than being remembered as a world changer in the computer arena, or any other for that matter. Have you considered God’s purpose? What is it that moves the very heart of God? What is the very pulse and heartthrob of the Gospel? It is found in the Gospel of Mark.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

Jesus’ last instructions before his ascension were to invade the world with the Gospel message. His eyes are on the harvest of souls to be brought in so that every tongue and tribe will worship before his throne. He eagerly waits for there to be a witness of the Kingdom message in all the earth in order for him to return.

What drives you? Are you aligned with God’s purpose for world missions? Does your passion lie where His does? If so, come help us change the world for Christ!

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