Living in Limbo

IMG_0416Limbo (n.): a place or state of restraint or confinement

Living in limbo is the best way I can think of to describe our tiny kitchen in its present state. It is so small that two people cannot stand side-by-side together, let alone try to work in the same space. As you can see in the picture, one of our Bible school graduates (Jean-Philippe) is touching our stove with one hand and the kitchen counter with the other. This gives you a clear idea of how tiny our kitchen is. Marie (our cook) and I do a sort of dance when we’re trying to work together. Frustrating? Beyond words! What would normally take 20 min. prep. time to make a batch of muffins extends to 40-50 because we’re working around each other searching for all the items we need.

Our goal is to knock out the counter and extend the kitchen. We also need to lay tile over the concrete floor which will cover both the kitchen and the den area. Later, we intend to close in our front porch and use it as a den, turning the present den into a dining area.

We are very blessed to have work teams coming down to labor with our ministry. In fact, we have a team coming in October. We desperately need to make more room so we can have a place for everyone to sit when it’s time to eat. Therefore, we hope to be done with this goal BEFORE they arrive. We have a great work team of Haitians here that are willing to do the job for us.

The initial phase of removing the counter and laying tile will cost $1,500. Can you help?

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