She Opens Her Hand

600-06452117tWe would like to share a beautiful testimony with you. We know you will be blessed!

Recently, a generous friend was deeply moved upon to send us a check to help out with our children’s feeding program. Our friend had decided to give a lump sum of $642. Just after she had planned to sow her seed into this ministry, she was laid off from her teaching job at her school. It was a complete surprise to her. Not knowing what her future would hold, and now jobless, she could easily have forgotten about hungry children in Haiti to deal with her “here and now.”

However, on a Saturday, she sat down and wrote a check to Rehoboth Ministries anyway and mailed it. Imagine her surprise, when the next morning, a lady walked up to her in church and handed her an envelope. Tears in her eyes, the lady told her, “I knew I was supposed to give this to someone, but only your face came to mind.” The envelope contained over $400! The Lord honored her obedience.

There is a special place in Jesus’ heart for those unable to help themselves. Widows. Orphans. The downtrodden. Barren women. God’s Word reveals this over and over.

We send a special thanks to the dear sister who, even in her time of lack, gave anyway. We believe the verse below would be applicable to her beautiful spirit.

She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20

Would you like to make a special gift to our children’s feeding program or to one of the many projects mentioned on this website? Your gift can make all the difference!

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