Project #6: Sewing Center

IMG_1874Project #6 involves equipping young men and women with a vocation, thereby providing a much needed income for themselves and their family members. It is our earnest desire to provide the means to give a “hand up” to those individuals that are willing to work hard to provide for themselves. This is preferable to merely doling out money as a temporarily “fix” to poverty. It serves a dual purpose of instilling a sense of pride in one’s own work, as well as eliminating a welfare mentality.

On the Sainte-Philomène compound is a small, dilapidated building. It would never catch anyone’s eye, except for its ugliness. This small building badly needs renovation, but possesses a powerhouse of potential. We wish to renovate the part that’s standing, as well as add another section to create space for the students.

This could be a great opportunity for our aspiring young people. Here are several reasons why.

  • IMG_1875Practically all the schools in Haiti require their students to wear uniforms to class. Thus, there is a great need for tailors and seamstresses. In other words, there is a market for this type of work. 
  • It would provide a salary for two teachers who would give ”hands on” instruction to these students.
  • Several sewing machines were left on the compound by the missionaries who lived here before us. We already have a head start!
  • These students could teach their trade to others and pass on their knowledge to others.

The sewing classes would be offered for three months since most of these students are in school during the year. It appears that, due to the present economic problems in Haiti, the schools will not reopen until October. Therefore, (provided the money is made available in time), these classes could be from July-September.

Costs for building: $2,778

Salaries for 2 professors: $375

Total: $3,153

*This will complete the first phase for the sewing center. There will be additional minimum costs of providing chairs for the students, lighting, and sewing materials for them to use. Would you like to help us provide a future for these young entrepreneurs?


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