Our Time Now!

9781624191237_medAre you looking for a great little study book for a women’s group? Maybe your book club would like to study the book of Esther in a whole new light. In reality, ”Our Time Now” speaks to the whole Church, as Esther was a type of the Church that was used gloriously in her most perilous hour.

Beth and Buddy Davidson pastor The House of Prayer in Clarksville, Virginia, and have been in ministry for over 30 years. Beth’s insight and understanding of the Scriptures are beautifully revealed in her writing. Beth is also a good friend of mine. She allows herself to be very transparent about the struggles she and Buddy have gone through. They have traversed quite a few perilous times of their own.

One of Beth’s phrases stays with me: ”This could have been Vashti’s story,” she relates. The fact that we each have a destiny to fulfill should spur us on to be all that God intended for us to be. This one truth, among so many, has challenged me to make my life count. I don’t want someone else fulfilling the Divine destiny that was meant for me. I urge you to get a copy. It would be a perfect gift.

By the way, I have fifty copies. Contact me if you’d like to obtain some. They’re just $10 apiece, plus shipping. They’re also available on other sites such as xulonpress.com and amazon.com. You won’t regret it.

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