A Longtime Supporter Speaks


One of our most faithful supporters of all time, Myrtle Wickham, has written a few words of encouragement to our readers. Myrtle traveled to Haiti for several years to spend a month at at a time with us. She’s been with us through good times and some very difficult ones. Her support of this ministry, both financially and spiritually, has been unceasing and we are so thankful to also call her friend. Myrtle has always wanted to come back to Haiti to visit, but the lack of funds has not permitted it. She travels to Haiti every day though through her prayers. We have relied tremendously on her intercession for us through the years and honor her with this post. For those of you that don’t know Myrtle, she’s the one on the left in the picture. We love you, Myrtle!

When I think of Haiti one of the first things I remember is the church building. The first time I visited Cap they were working on the foundation for the new building. I wanted, and still want, so much to see that building completed and full of the precious Haitian people. I have been there when the church members brought their first Sunday offerings for the building. I would think to myself, “Father, they don’t have anything but they gave what they had. Reminds me of the widow’s mite. She only had two pennies to give but she gave them. The people of the Center for Christian Formation give. God sees and He knows. There is no more blessed thing we can do than give to God. I can remember hearing stories of people who gave out of their need. The people of Haiti give out of their need. They don’t come to church in nice cars; they come on foot. Even in the rain, they come with their shoes held in their hands. They don’t walk a block or two; many walk a mile of two. They come for every service, they come for prayer in the early morning. At 5:00 AM there are a lot of people there praying. I believe God is going to build that church and He is going to get great glory from it. His arm is not shortened that He cannot move and do wonderful and marvelous things. He sees and He knows; we don’t hide anything from Him.

I pray that many who read these messages will pray and ask Father God what He would have us do and then dig deep and give toward the completion of that church building. I pray when it is completed I will go to see it for myself. It is going to be beautiful. I promise you.

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