A Gift from the Heart

A dear leader in our church had this picture specially made for Prit and me in order to commemorate our thirty years of service in Haiti. Brother Delex Pierre-Paul is the treasurer of our Bible institute and a faithful leader in our mother church in Petite-Anse. This simple gesture caught us by surprise and we knew it was a gift from the heart. Delex is always telling us how much he appreciates us as pastors and is the type of member every Pastor wants in his church! We will treasure this always.


Here’s the translation from French to English:

Happy and Blessed Anniversary
Mr. and Madame Pastor Adams
30 years in Haiti, in God’s service
May the excellent God pour upon you his sweet blessing
May your success continue, from your servant:
Brother Pierre Paul Delex

4 thoughts on “A Gift from the Heart

  1. wow! congrats you guys! truly an inspiration for an marriage, let alone ministry marriages. we appreciate you and maybe tell Prit that Obama and I had a chat and he seems nice;) Corey

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