IMG_1401After packing and loading what seemed to be a never-ending amount of boxes to send down the hill to our new house, we finally got everything moved. Well, that’s everything except our generator, inverter, and batteries. The truck we were going to hire for Thursday became unavailable and we had to leave some of our leaders to do the rest of the moving as we flew out on Friday morning. Landing in Fayetteville after 7:30 p.m., we had just enough time to visit with Prit’s parents and fall wearily into bed for a wonderful night’s sleep. The next morning we unpacked our suitcases, only to repack and hit the road for Topsail Island. Pastors Richard and Beth Kope flew in from Didsbury, Canada, to spend a week with us here at the beach. If you have been a regular reader of this website, you know that we were visiting the Kopes in Canada when Prit fell prey to two brain aneurysms. Richard and Beth went through the whole ordeal of that crisis with us. The snow was falling in Canada when they took off from Calgary, so they have taken full advantage of the warm weather and have taken many walks on the beach. The temperature has been in the 70’s all week and we couldn’t have ordered up more perfect weather. This has been a much-needed time of rest and recuperation after two months of nonstop activity in Haiti.

IMG_1403I can see the ocean right outside my window and hear the waves breaking upon the shore while typing this post. We’re thankful for the ebb and flow of the seasons of our lives. There’s a time for work and and a time for rest. We’re also thankful for friends that are willing to make it possible for us to step right outside our front door and place our feet in the sand. Thanks to Richard and Linda Baker and Treasure Realty for making this beautiful villa, in which we’re staying, affordable!


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