No Time to Breathe

Where does the time go? This past week has kept us so busy that I’m not sure we’ll know what to do with ourselves when we finally have time to sit down! Our time is winding down quickly and we will be taking off early Friday morning for Ft. Lauderdale. Before the day is over, we’ll be in North Carolina. Here’s the latest update on what is going on through Rehoboth Ministries.

Thank you, Northwood Temple!

Jim Jackson, from Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, N.C., mailed us a huge box of medicine and another box that contained baby clothes. Below are pictures of school children receiving some of the worm medicine he sent. Thank you, Jim, and the other staff members at NWT for helping get these items together!

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Another birthday!

Yesterday, we traveled to Belle-Hôtesse with most of our musicians and several singers to join in the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Pastor Dieudonné Jasmin’s church. This was our first church plant (after the mother church). Belle-Hôtesse is located out in the countryside. It takes at least an hour to reach the church due to the horrible road conditions. But, that didn’t dampen our festive spirits. Many of the children that attend the school there came dressed in their uniforms. Prit preached a great message and afterwards many people came forward for prayer.

Moving, Moving, Moving

Don Davis, a longtime missionary friend, arrived early this morning with his truck to help us load up most of our furniture and transport it all to the compound where we’ll be making our new home. Of all the sunny days we’ve had lately, we were dismayed to hear the pitter-patter of rain falling on our roof this morning. It rained off and on all day as we worked on clearing out the house. Don came with another missionary friend and we had several helpers from our church that worked tirelessly to help us transfer our things down the hill. The bulk of all we own is now sitting at Sainte-Philomène. There’s no going back now! We still a few small pieces of furniture sitting around and ceiling fans to take down. Then there are our appliances and a few more “whatnots,” but we definitely made headway today. A special thanks goes to Don, Bud, and all of our helpers.

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