Our Son in the Lord

Below is the testimony of Brother Ronald Occilus. Ronald lived with us for 13 yrs. and is like a son to us. The sickness he mentions below was tuberculosis. With treatment and much prayer, he recovered and has not had any problems since. Ronald is now an evangelist and a real firebrand for the Lord. He is a leader in our church that often mobilizes our people to have all-night prayer vigils and is a man of tremendous faith. He doesn’t know who his parents were and has turned into a remarkable man in spite of many hardships. He is always full of the joy of the Lord.

My name is Ronald Occilus. I am 42 years old. I was living in Port-au-Prince when I was saved in 1989. In 1991, I moved north to Cap-Haitien. While living in Cap-Haitien, I became affiliated with l’Eglise Centre de Formation Chrétienne (Christian Training Center Church) in December of 1992. I was baptized in water and then in the Holy Spirit through Pastor Pritchard Adams. (I would move in with the Adamses shortly thereafter and would end up living with them for 13 years. They are like parents to me.) It was during this time that God’s light was imparted to me and I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Ronald, you will represent me all over the earth.” I yielded to the Lord’s call and told the Lord I would do his will. From that point on, I felt like a fire was burning within me and in 1998, I entered the Bible institute in Petite-Anse to prepare myself. Over the course of time, I received many prophecies confirming the call that the Lord had on my life.

In 2002, I came down with a terrible illness, but in His love, God delivered me so that I could do great things for him. In 2003, I graduated from Bible school, and the next year I was married. My wife’s name is Néemi (Naomi). We have a son. His name is Michael Occilus. My ministry as an evangelist has flourished in many ways. At present, I have a radio show. It’s called, “La Voix de l’Ile” (The Voice of the Island) and I have a devotional from Monday-Saturday. Doors have opened to me to preach in many churches in and around Cap-Haitian.

What is my goal in life? It is very simple. It is to have a single voice and a single vision. I live to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing gives me greater joy than to proclaim the good news to anyone who will listen and anywhere the door opens to me.

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