Sowing Forward

Rodney Pierre joined our worship team in 2004 and quickly demonstrated that he has a passion for music. He asked if I would work with him on the piano and teach him what I know. Once a week, he would come to our home and work on chords, chord combinations, and whatever I placed before him. If I gave him an assignment to learn one of the praise and worship choruses from church, he would labor for hours perfecting the song until he was fully satisfied with it. Rodney was always so grateful for this opportunity and his character has been a model to our younger musicians.

One day, I asked Rodney, ”What do you want to do with your life? If money wasn’t a problem, what would you want to do?” Without hesitation, he said ”Mon Pas (Mother Pastor), I would go to music school. I want to learn to play really well and offer my gifts to the Lord.” I sent him to find out the costs for school, materials, etc. and was pleasantly surprised to find that it only cost $100 US a year! Rodney is now studying at the Alliance Française (French Alliance) and seriously applying himself to his studies.

Last year, Rodney married a great Christian girl and they now have a son. We are so proud of him and that he is on our team!

Our works can still have an impact on this earth, even after we’re gone. Rehoboth Ministries believes in sowing forward into the future. Our desire is for this work to have a lasting influence upon Haiti and the generations to come. Would you like to be one who sows forward? There are so many ways we could put your seed to use here in Haiti. Would you like to make an impact in someone’s life today and change their future forever?

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  1. “The stars of God” would like to put out a album on the market musical. Please can we help us?

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