Nearing the Finish Line

God is always full of surprises! He loves to bless us, and the beauty of it is that he uses his people to do it. All throughout the Scriptures he sought out a person or people to participate with him in bringing forth a miracle. Joseph and Mary were the most ordinary people of their day, yet they were used in the most extraordinary way. They became partakers of divine grace and were the willing vessels used to watch over Jesus until his manhood.

Yes, God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Who would have guessed that the humble offerings of Faith Temple in Alexander City, Alabama would unleash an outflow giving to our schools’ feeding program? Yet their confidence in this project rallied others to give and money started pouring in from the most unlikely sources! We are amazed at the kindness of God’s people.

Proverbs 19:17 says, “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done.” (NIV) Can you imagine counting out dollar bills into the Lord’s hand? I am awestruck at the idea of lending money to God. Why would God even need to borrow from me? And yet this verse clearly states that the Lord will reward those that lend to Him. How do we lend to Him? By giving to the poor. Here is the certain promise that God will pay us back!

The finish line is in sight. (Drumroll please!) We have rounded the final corner and can see it just ahead!  We now have $19,220! Keep your eyes on that barometer! It is moving up and we hope to reach our goal very soon! If you are an ordinary person wanting to do extraordinary things for God, would you please help us cross the finish line?

1 thought on “Nearing the Finish Line

  1. It was great to talk to you at the Northwood Christmas program. I will pray that God will continue to bless the ministry in Haiti. I will leave for Christmas break and return in January. Much love! John and Janet Wright

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