A Bold Step

Imagine living in a country where the average income is $2.00 a day, jobs are almost impossible to find, and the price of food, gas, and other essentials continue to increase. Now imagine no incentives from the government to help families or to provide help in training someone for a skill.

Yet…the leaders in our main church made a bold step of faith. They felt a huge burden for the children who attend the main school. Many of these students are their own kids. They were desperate to do something – anything, to create a future for them. They wondered what kind of legacy they could possibly leave behind because they, themselves, had so little of this world’s goods.

These leaders who are skilled in plumbery, laying tile, working with electricity, and doing woodwork began to take what they had and impart it to these students. Like Jesus’ disciples, the disciples simply obeyed His command. They began to distribute the loaves and the fishes to the people who had gathered to hear Jesus preach. As Jesus asked the Father to do the work of multiplication that day, this is what our leaders in Haiti are doing. 

Learning a floor plan

Releasing their faith, they are asking the Lord to do what they cannot!

Would you like to be part of the answer our leaders are hoping for? Would you like to make a student’s dream come true and participate in a miracle? They have no trade school and there is no money set aside to pay those who are investing their time. Our starting goal is $1,000.

Learning to build a wall

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