Their Dilemma…Our Opportunity!

The earthquake in the south of Haiti, at last count, has claimed over 2,207 lives and others continue to hope against hope to find their loved ones under the rubble. Many survivors have had to wait for medical care and there is a plea for more medical teams to come assist those who are dealing with amputations and other severe injuries. As if that wasn’t enough, survivors huddled together under tarps when Tropical Grace passed over. The fear of returning to a home that may cave in on them exceeded the threat of the storm. There was nothing else to do except to brace themselves against the wind and torrential downpour.

But, in the middle of anguish and unbelievable loss, there is a light flickering in the darkness and creating a glimmer of hope. Many fine ministries have risen to the challenge and responded to the cries of a desperate people. They have risked their own lives to fly in supplies, medical equipment, food, and water to those whose lives have been rocked by turmoil and devastation. With the threat of gangs nearby who seek to prey upon others’ misfortunes, they are unsung heroes who saw a people’s dilemma and heard their cry.

Below are the words of a fellow missionary and longtime friend who is doing everything she can to make others aware of the Haitians’ plight. Yvonne and her husband, Joel, have been in Haiti for over 40 years and are tirelessly working to organize teams and get help to those who are suffering. Their ministry is These are her words…

Survivors are found alive in the wreckage as powerful aftershocks roll under makeshift housing. Aid shipments are hijacked by gangs amid promises for secure passage of desperately needed supplies.The death toll from the quake has risen to at least 2,207 people, according to Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency. More than 12,200 were injured. More than 50,000 homes were destroyed.In Haiti, however, hope springs eternal. On Sunday, eight days after the quake, 20 adults and four children reported missing were found trapped in the rubble on Pic Macaya, the civil protection agency said. Pic Macaya is Haiti’s second-largest mountain.”They were transported by helicopter … for treatment,” the agency tweeted. “They received food assistance and hygiene kits.

Will You Give?

We are thankful for those who have written and asked how they can give. I (Dana) was profoundly touched to hear from a dear missionary sister whose husband passed away this year. In spite of her own loss, this does not keep her from planning to return to the Philippines and other countries to encourage the people she and her husband labored with for years. Though she now lives stateside, she is still on the cutting edge of world missions. The Lord tugged her heart to help alleviate some of the suffering going on here.

The Haitian people’s dilemma can become your opportunity. Rehoboth has labored in this vineyard for 38+ years. We would love for you to partner with us so we can do more. Won’t you consider helping us help them? Their dilemma can be our opportunity!

Rehoboth Ministries is… Changing Lives and Impacting a Nation.

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The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC  27532 / (919) 751-8188  & please earmark your gift for Haiti.

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