Let’s Do This!

Most of you know my life has been greatly altered in the last half a year. The diagnosis of cancer (again) and the need to deal with it has greatly dictated my schedule. Surgery in October, accompanied with trips back and forth to the doctor’s office plus plans for further treatments, have become the norm for me. The rest of my energy has been used to help keep the ministry moving forward. It’s a different season in life.

The surgery is past tense now. I am embarking on chemotherapy treatments on Wednesday, Dec. 9th. It is something I dreaded. I’ve read both the good stories and I’ve read the horror stories as well. I’d give anything to turn around and walk the other way. A dear friend spoke to me a few weeks ago and said, “I have always been amazed at you. You’re the one who negotiated with kidnappers, you stood by your husband through two brain aneurysms and you’ve lived all these years on the mission field in Haiti! I could never do that. You are my hero!” But, I told my friend, “I’d much rather deal with life in Haiti than to go through what I am about to go through.” (At that time, I was scheduled for the mastectomy.)

Well, the surgery is behind me. Carrying around the terrible drains for 41 days is now a thing of the past. My next step involves four rounds of chemotherapy treatments. I have read all the pros and cons of chemo. Part of me wants to bolt — maybe board a plane and go back to Haiti. Yet, I’ve come to realize that one of the hardest things about the cancer journey is simply facing my fears. I don’t feel like a hero. But, I have been able to place my feet in the footsteps of some wonderful women who have marked the path before me. One friend has been dealing with the recurrence of cancer for more than twenty years, yet bravely accepts this journey. Another one has hardly had time to recuperate because she is tending to her husband who had a major stroke. These ladies and so many others stand on the sidelines cheering me on. Dear pastor friends who went through cancer together at the same time (a married couple) managed to stay positive through it all. They came through with their humor still intact. Still another is always sending me key verses to read and telling me what I can do with natural remedies to avert the harshness of the treatment. I know I am one of many and get to place my feet in their footsteps. I feel privileged to have so many friends who are now cheering me on. Their lives spur me forward to get past this interruption from what was a pretty normal routine.

So, after looking at these hall-of-famers (and there are so many more), I have resolved to follow their examples and lean more heavily on the Lord. Sometimes one has to push past the fear and say, Let’s do this“…. because dreading a thing may be worse than actually facing it head on.

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