Crisis: It’s Just A Season

UnknownLast night I listened to a wonderful message by Pastor Miles Munroe concerning the subject of Crisis. It is actually one of several messages concerning this subject. Pastor Monroe passed away in 2014, but the message is just as relevant today as ever. Make sure you don’t watch this before you go to bed. It will excite you so much that you won’t be able to sleep! Click here to hear Overcoming Seasons of Crisis.

I’d like to encourage our readers today to take heart.  Many of you may be filled with fear and wondering what the future holds. Will another Pandemic (worst than before) arise? Will the economy collapse? Will I lose my job?  How will I ever be able to provide for my family? What if I get sick and can’t work? Fears can gnaw away at you tempting you to lose hope entirely. But, those who are in Christ have been told not to fear. He holds the future!

We live in a country which has suffered from some of the worst catastrophes known to man. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Flooding, Cholera Epidemic, Malaria, Kidnappings, and Government leaders who could care less about their people. Port-au-Prince was even named the kidnapping capital of the world a few years ago! We have worked to feed hungry children whose mothers were buying clay with iron mixed in it at the open-air market to keep them alive. One of those children is all grown up now and is a very prominent leader in our main church.

Yet, we have watched the people we serve rise time and time again from the ashes with hope for a better tomorrow. They still dream and are an inspiration to those of us who had a much better start in life than they did. They are believing that brighter days are to come. As you listen to this message, I pray you will be greatly encouraged.


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