Happy Birthday, Prit!


It takes so little to please him. Our conversation this morning went something like this.

Me: ”So, where do you want to go eat?”

Prit: ”I don’t know. Where do you want to eat?”

Me: ”Honey, it’s YOUR birthday. You choose.”

Prit: ”It really doesn’t matter to me. Where do you want to eat?”

What a blessing to even have a choice since we’re still stateside. We finally decided on Olive Garden where Prit was all to happy to get a complimentary dessert.

Two waitresses in the Olive Garden told him, ”You definitely don’t look like you’re 64!” One thought he was in his 40’s.  If they only knew! After almost 38 years on the mission field, a kidnapping, two brain aneurysms, and the list goes on, I marvel and am thankful that he’s still here. Here’s to many more, honey.


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