Its Name is “Revival”

Unknown-1We are back in North Carolina after a wonderful visit to the Pacific Northwest where we attended the annual MFI Conference in Portland, Oregon. We also stayed on to visit two supporting churches in Tilamook, Oregon, and Tacoma, Washington. In-between all this busyness, we were able to spend quality time with our son, Gabe, as well as John who flew out of Haiti to join us. To say it was a very rich time is an understatement! I had planned to write this post on the flight from Seattle to Charlotte, but was just too tired to do so. We are settled back into our home now in Jacksonville, NC, after our leaders advised us not to return to Haiti at present. I had promised you a description of the other dream I had concerning Haiti and what, I believe, is God’s plan for this poor little nation the Lord sent us to over 36 years ago.

Its name is Revival

I would have to go through my journals which are back in Haiti to find the exact date when I had this first dream. Since I am not there, I can only tell you that I had this dream many, many years ago. I believe I was in my 30’s. Today, I am 63.

This dream is similar to the dream I wrote about in the last post in that it involved a woman. I saw myself in a birthing room viewing a young Haitian woman giving birth. She had a Haitian handkerchief tied around her head and I immediately knew she represented Haiti. What was so unique about this dream is that the birthing room was filled with people of all ages standing around the birthing table and they were cheering this soon-to-be mother on. This included young children, old men and women, plus middle-aged Haitians. I’ve never seen such excitement and exhilaration as I saw on the faces of these people. They were anxiously anticipating the birth of this child because this child was different from any other. This child had purpose and would bring some sort of deliverance to the Haitian people. This child’s name was Revival. Haiti has come to the point of needing nothing less than a widespread revival all over the country and will include Haitians of all ages. The devastation that’s taking place on this little island nation today will eventually cause the Haitian people to seek Him in desperation. They will throw off the chains of slavery from ages past as well as those that remain today. Please pray that Revival will be birthed in Haiti by the Person of the Holy Spirit. Revival is no less than life from the dead. The problem is not an economic one, lack of education, or even the government. It is a spiritual one. Our churches are meeting every night and sometimes holding all-night prayer vigils for the deliverance of their country which is in continual crisis-mode. I’ll share more about this in my next post.

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2 thoughts on “Its Name is “Revival”

  1. Hello Dana. Welcome home. So happy y’all had a good trip to Oregon. Did John come back to Jacksonville as well? What do your leaders in Haiti think is happening? Do they see an end in sight? Should we pray more for revival than for restoration of peace in the government? I know this must be very hard for all of you. Hope to see you soon❤️🙇‍♀️ Sent from my iPhone


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