You Really Do Matter

safe_image.phpThere is a Haitian expression which aptly describes the state of Haiti at present: ”Absè sou klou” translates to an ”abcess on top of a boil.” As if the boil wouldn’t be painful enough, an abcess on top of it would be excruciating. The problems of this 4th-world nation are staggering and pretty daunting when trying to make a difference in people’s lives. Over the course of 36 years, Prit and I have watched missionaries come and go through an imaginary ”revolving door.” Haiti turned out to be much more of a Goliath than one could have conceived of and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Most of you are already aware of the many trials we’ve been through. We won’t try to appear as those who haven’t been faint-hearted ourselves. We can only say that, because of the presence of Rehoboth Ministries in the north of Haiti, (along with many other missions), a light is shining that nothing can extinguish.

Gang Wars, famine, poverty, hunger, poor infrastructure, a drought and loss of crops present a bleak-looking future to the average Haitian and leaves him or her wondering, ”Where do I fit in all of this?”

In times like this, we put our whole weight on the Scriptures. There are countless stories of hopelessness and the rallying cry of ”Is there not a cause?” to give us great comfort knowing that the same God of the Bible is the same God that can still transform a nation. We are indeed called to be faithful, but we’re also called to do great exploits in His name.

We thank all of those who have joined themselves to this cause. You REALLY DO matter! Together we are alleviating the suffering of many Haitians by providing them with salaries, scholarships, medical help, feeding of children — only to name a few things going on here to help the downtrodden. We dare not write off a country or a people until God does so. Meanwhile, we are ”Changing Lives and Impacting a Nation.” Haiti is better because we are here. Check out the link below concerning the drought that’s taking place in the Artibonite Valley of Haiti’s Central Plateau. This valley was once known as the ”bread basket” of Haiti. We lean heavily on your prayers and thank you for supporting us in this great work.

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