Another Way Home!

49564078_10161475308550045_8249646862873657344_nUp by 5:00 this morning, we hurriedly got ready and made our way to the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Turning in the rented car, then giving Gabe one last hug, we made our way to Spirit Airlines for the flight back home. Seeing several lines that had no distinct order whatsoever should have been a ”heads up” of what was to come. We stood on our feet for over 3 hours and barely inched our way to the counter, only to find that Spirit had overbooked and the tickets we bought weeks ago would be made good on Tuesday. We had already turned in the car and checked out of the Airbnb we stayed in. So much for the early bird getting the worm!

Prit, John, and I walked over to the American Airlines counter to find out what would be the second best choice of getting back to Cap. Weighing the costs and difficulty of our return, we finally decided to fly to Santiago, Dominican Republic, tomorrow and take a 5-hour bus ride back to Cap-Haitian. (Not exactly how I wanted to return home!) We got our Spirit refund and are preparing for another adventure! Delays and mix-ups are par for the course for travelers of any kind, but even more so for missionaries.

Would you pray for our return flight and bus ride? We should pull into Cap somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00 tomorrow evening. We’ve had a wonderful week of fun and just being stateside is restorative in itself where everything functions normally. Thankfully, the host of our Airbnb welcomed us back for one more night. Pray for all the other travelers who just wanted to make it back to Cap to see their loved ones for a few days.

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