Our Time’s Winding Down

On the Road


-Congratulations Pastor John & Fay!

We’ve been busy traveling to various churches who regularly partner with Rehoboth Ministries these past few weeks. It’s been great to see all our long-time friends in Tarboro. We visited our old stomping grounds in Fayetteville and were delighted to join in the celebration of Pastor John and Fay Hedgepeth’s 50th year in their ministry at Northwood Temple Church. What a milestone! This morning we were with the wonderful church body of Enon Baptist Church here in Jacksonville and we look forward to being in Morehead City next Sunday at Impact Church.

At the end of September, we will be leaving for our annual MFI Conference in Portland, Oregon. If you want us to come share about all the Lord did for us this year, time is running out. Speaking of time getting away from us, John leaves us on Wednesday to return to Haiti. The Bible institute will be cranking back up and he returns to teach at Cowman School in early September. You would think after all these years of traveling back and forth, the separation would get easier. But, we already miss him. Would you please remember him in your prayers for safe travels and for an easing back into his regular routine? We have been invited to visit Trinity Church in Tacoma, Wa, the weekend of October 7 after the Portland conference. The Lord willing, we will return to Haiti after that.

Home Sweet Home

We have thoroughly enjoyed our new home this summer. It has been very restful for us here. Adjusting to life again in the little mission house and a very different daily routine takes time. Although we’re not back in Haiti yet, your prayers are coveted for us as well. I shared at Enon this morning that we live among a people who are in crisis mode and the weight of the people’s misery comes to rest on our shoulders as well. Food and gas prices continue to escalate which will affect every other area of living and ministry. However, we choose not to fall in a pit of despair and trust the Lord to help us continue to…..change lives and impact this nation for Him. Many thanks to those of you who have chosen to come alongside of us to help us do just that!


3 thoughts on “Our Time’s Winding Down

  1. So happy that you will be with us in October!


    Trinity Church of Pierce County


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