Hand In Hand


Our schoolchildren in the Petite-Anse School

Here’s a beautiful article published on the Orphans Promise website that was written about Rehoboth Ministries. We could not have fed around 1,200 children in three schools without the help of this wonderful ministry. Because our feeding program only operates during the school year, we will have some very hungry children returning in September.

For Rehoboth’s part, we personally supply $3,100 (US) each month to help purchase huge gas tanks, cleaning products, spices, and other needs. This also includes paying the cooks’ salaries in all three schools, plus paying workers to go to the marché to make the purchases. We had some valued partners in the past who were giving into the program, but they have left this earth for their eternal reward. For the first time since the program began, we have begun to struggle to keep up our end of the bargain. Wouldn’t you like to help fill in the gaps that were left so that we can continue to feed these precious children on a regular basis? $3,100 becomes $31,000 to cover the 10-month school year. Due to the needs of the Bible institute, sending two students to a university for a college education, paying salaries to pastors and workers in our churches, and the general running of generators, vehicles, working on construction projects… well, I’m sure you get it! We can surely use your help and the doors of our schools will be opening sooner than you think. Won’t you be that special someone to say, ”I’ll help”? We’re sure that hand in hand we can meet this goal!

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