Tutoring, Prayers for Haiti, & Mother’s Day

IMG_2351.JPGThe year’s winding down quickly. Yesterday was my last day tutoring Dane and today was my last day with Dominique. They have been awesome students and I’ve enjoyed working with them so much. It’s been very interesting and enlightening to study American History through the eyes of a Haitian.  It’s also been a challenge to brush up on my own knowledge of history since it’s been many moons ago that I sat in my own classroom to study. In fact, it’s been many years since I was in a classroom of any kind – ever since I homeschooled our own kids. No, I won’t tell you how long ago that was.

Pray for Haiti

Unknown-2Even when we leave Haiti, the ministry is ever on our minds. There is no vacation for our paying of salaries, with the exception of the feeding program. Haiti is and has been in ”crisis mode” for a long time. The prices in the marché and stores continue to rise. $1 Haitian used to equal $1 US. Now,  it takes around 13 Haitian dollars to equal $1 US. Our security guard told us last night that it was announced on the radio that the electric bills and the price of gas will be escalating.  Here are some examples of what we pay for some of the fruit we buy:

3 oranges ($20 H = $1.50 US)

1 medium sized pineapple ($60 H = $4.60 US)

1 tomato ($10 H = .77 cents US)

5-6 limes ($20 H = $1.50 US)

I don’t know what the prices of these items are in the grocery store back home. But, remember that the majority of people here are living hand to mouth. There are no credit cards to use when in a lurch or another alternative for buying food other than what’s available.

At some point, we hope to purchase land and grow our own gardens. This way we can provide for the people here as well as integrate some of the food into the feeding program. We need others’ expertise to help us with that.

Would you pray for our people who are struggling so hard, plus pray that new doors will open for us to be self-sustaining in as many areas as possible? Your prayers have helped us move so many mountains already….

Mother’s Day


We wish all the mothers who read this post a ”Happy Mother’s Day!” Since Haitians celebrate their mothers on the last Sunday in May, we will recognize them at a later date.

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