Special Easter Sunday Service

Yesterday, we had an incredible Easter Sunday service with many special visitors attending. Evangelist Joel Trimble preached a great message entitled ‘Who will roll away the stone?” Joel has been in Haiti since 1975. He later married his wife, Yvonne, and she came back with him to Haiti shortly thereafter. They have made great inroads in the area of evangelism and no place has been too dark for them to bring the light of the Gospel. After many years of overseeing a church and other evangelistic efforts, the Lord launched them in an entirely different direction. They took a bold step of faith to start their own tv station called La Bonne Nouvelle (The Good News). Joel and Yvonne travel all over Haiti so their viewers can see the beautiful side of this island and the Haitian people firsthand. They interview folks from all backgrounds — from business people, to artisans, the Minister of Tourism, and factory workers on to simple workers in their own daily activities. If you want to see Haiti firsthand, you must check out their site. The program is in Haitian Creole, but easy to follow. Interestingly, Joel interviewed a banana farmer several years ago during the very beginning phases of his work. This farmer has greatly prospered and began to export organic bananas. He also later threw his hat into the ring to run for President of Haiti and won! President Jovenel Moïse has remained friends with Joel and today Joel serves as a special counselor to him in Port-au-Prince.

We were thrilled also to have Nathan Lasseur with us as well. Nathan was one of our students in Port-au-Prince in the early eighties and yesterday was the first time we have seen him since 1986. He then returned stateside and we moved to the north of Haiti in 1988. Nathan shared his personal testimony yesterday and then promised to return with his wife, Gina, who is a well-known singer in Haiti. Today, they reside in Florida. Nathan is a fireman in Florida and was here working with one of the local hospitals. What a wonderful reunion! We are so proud of who he has become! 


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