Feeding the Multitude


Last week, while the Orphans Promise team was here, we gathered the whole school assembly for a service in our new building. This will give you a good perspective of how many children we are feeding – and that’s only the main school! Over 800 children gathered together to thank Richard and Linda Baker along with the staff of Orphans Promise which are responsible for this project. Over 800 children, plus teachers and cooks sang and shouted to celebrate this wonderful occasion. One of the young students spoke in their behalf and related that they now wake up in the morning and know they’ll find a hot meal waiting for them at school.    The whole school erupted with shouts of joy and applause.

Wouldn’t you like to be part of this miracle? Most of these children eat ONE meal a day – and that is at school. Here’s how:

Send Checks to: The Lord’s Table / PO Box 11049 / Goldsboro, NC 27532 / (919) 751-8188


donate online at thelordstable.org. You can also use this link to give –  Haiti – https://pushpay.com/pay/tltglobalmissions/?f%5B0%5D=Haiti

** Please earmark your gifts HAITI


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