Recuperating. Remembering. Rejoicing.


imagesThese last two weeks have been spent in recuperation since my surgery. Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for me. A special thanks to Enon Chapel here in Jacksonville for bringing by dinner for us each night. All the messages of encouragement, shared scriptures, and just popping in to say hello have been so encouraging not to mention those of you who have generously sent contributions to help us with my medical bills. May the Lord richly bless you!




A very close friend of ours passed away last week after much suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Chris Hamrick’s health had been declining for more than a year. After running back and forth to Chapel Hill for appointments and then having surgery, we didn’t make it in time to see you, Chris. But you will never be forgotten. We remember the Hamrick family at this time. Chris and Dennis sang in our wedding 36 years ago and we will miss Chris more than words can say.







Our new multipurpose building has just received a fresh coat of paint! We are beyond excited that the building has progressed so steadily and quickly. This is our Dream Center and we were recollecting today about how our church members each carried a stone over to the new foundation as a witness that they believed God would honor their faith and give them a building. God never fails!

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