Why Are They So Happy?

IMG_2100Summer is quickly fading and before you know it, our kids will be back in school. Dressed immaculately in their blue uniforms (plus checkered blue-and-white bows for the girls’ hair), and carrying precious books which cost their parents a pretty penny, they’ll be bounding with energy and excited about another year of learning. One of their favorite reasons of all for being back in the school is the knowledge of knowing they will receive a hot, nutritious meal every. single. day. For all five days that the learning process is going on, they will be able to think quicker and work smarter because someone cared enough to make it happen.

Why are they so happy? Because the Orphans Promise Ministry and other generous donors rose to the occasion to better the lives of these little ones who couldn’t help themselves. So many have come alongside of us to help lift this heavy burden off our shoulders. How well we remember when we had kids coming to school and fainting from the hunger and the heat!

You can help too. With the rising costs of gas tanks, supplies, cooks’ salaries and all that it takes for food preparation, we are always in need of other supporters for this great work. Just go to the top of this site & click on CONTACT, then scroll down to HOW YOU CAN GIVE! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at danaptl@gmail.com.


Let’s Get Married!

Our little church in the countryside, pastored by Johny Paulcin,  has been busy this summer. Thanks to the donation of several wedding gowns and mens’ suits, these couples from the area called ”Ti Bouk Oboy” were able to have a real wedding. These pictures speak volumes of commitment, love and a bright future together.


Returning and Leaving Again

John’s Back 

John spent four days last week visiting some dear friends and ministering in their church in the countryside of Quebec. Thanks to Normand and Véronique Leduc for hosting John in your home and to La Chapelle Chrétienne for inviting John to come share about our work in Haiti. We are looking forward to seeing you in November when you come with your church team!

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John’s Leaving

John will be returning to Haiti on 25 August in order to resume his teaching position at Cowman Christian School as well as start new classes for our Bible Institute. John spent most of last summer and this summer digitizing our entire Bible school curriculum. We are so proud of his all his labor. Would you pray for his return trip to Haiti?

clip-art-smoking-in-your-car-clipart-1 Thanks to your generous giving, we have raised $16,273 towards a vehicle for John. Our goal for him to be able to find a good, second-hand vehicle is $25,000. Now that he is returning to Haiti next week, would you consider helping John reach his goal?

Sewing School

Many thanks to all of you who responded so positively to help us with our sewing classes! We have purchased six machines so far to be used with the few we had on our compound. If you would like to help someone learn to sew and perhaps even open a way to sew for others as an income, each machine costs $210. We’re still in need of other machines. More machines mean more opportunities for these young folks to learn.




Recuperating. Remembering. Rejoicing.


imagesThese last two weeks have been spent in recuperation since my surgery. Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for me. A special thanks to Enon Chapel here in Jacksonville for bringing by dinner for us each night. All the messages of encouragement, shared scriptures, and just popping in to say hello have been so encouraging not to mention those of you who have generously sent contributions to help us with my medical bills. May the Lord richly bless you!




A very close friend of ours passed away last week after much suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Chris Hamrick’s health had been declining for more than a year. After running back and forth to Chapel Hill for appointments and then having surgery, we didn’t make it in time to see you, Chris. But you will never be forgotten. We remember the Hamrick family at this time. Chris and Dennis sang in our wedding 36 years ago and we will miss Chris more than words can say.







Our new multipurpose building has just received a fresh coat of paint! We are beyond excited that the building has progressed so steadily and quickly. This is our Dream Center and we were recollecting today about how our church members each carried a stone over to the new foundation as a witness that they believed God would honor their faith and give them a building. God never fails!