Help Us Help Tedson!

12440752_963185070468715_2802576586021095321_oHaitian Mother’s Day just passed, marking five years since Madame Enock lost her life in a very tragic auto accident. Four young children were left behind for her husband to care for. Our church family in Petite-Anse has since opened its arms wide to help meet their needs throughout the years.

One of Madame Enock’s sons, Tedson, practically grew up on the church bench and is much loved by all. In spite of the tragedy that has marked his family, Tedson has amazed us all with his Godly character and musical skills. He is one of the most dynamic musicians in our church orchestra. Like so many of our young men, he seems to be able to pick up almost any instrument and play it with little effort. So far, he plays bass and electric guitar, drums, piano, violin, and flute – not to mention he has a beautiful tenor voice! Tedson has already proven himself so valuable, and will eventually work in our churches and schools to help provide a musical formation for our students.  We are so proud of the way Tedson has excelled and has often been at the top of his class. His mother would have been very proud.

In the fall, Tedson will be returning to begin his third year of school and we would like to ask you if you could help us with his financial expenses? He’s already halfway to graduating. Below are Tedson’s expenses for the upcoming year:

Semester Costs for Classes: $200 x 3 Semesters = $600

Credits for 2017-2018: $280

Transportation: $70 x 10 months = $700

Meals: $40 x 10 months = $400

Music Camp for this summer (required): $200

Total: $2,180

Perhaps you can’t foot Tedson’s entire bill,  but could help with just one of these items? Anything you can pledge would help tremendously.




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