Back in NC!

Hit_the_Ground_Running_POD-300x300It seems we’ve hit the ground running since we returned stateside. Our car battery was dead and our car looked like it had come from the dinosaur age after sitting for a year. It’s working well now and has been cleaned up. However, it didn’t pass inspection and needs a new muffler and a sensor light. Oh brother! Next, we’ll be attending to John’s car which looks as bad as our’s did. Unfortunately, it will need a new battery too. We now have our taxes up-to-date as well as our 990-EZ for the ministry. I’ve also enjoyed catching up with our kids and relatives. We both have had our hair cut so that we can join the human race again. It’s a gorgeous day here in Jacksonville, NC, and we’re thankful to finally be back in good ‘ole Carolina.

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there. We visited one of our supporting churches yesterday and Pastor Kelley of Enon Chapel preached a wonderful message on Moses’ mother – Jochabed. Jochabed was married to her nephew, Amram. Would that make Moses both Amram’s son and cousin? Don’t you just love Biblical lineages? She was quite a brave woman and so much more could be said about this special lady which will warrant another post.

Thank you!

Thanks again to all our wonderful supporters. You have prayed for us as well as helped lift the heavy yoke from our shoulders that comes from running a huge ministry like Rehoboth. No matter where we go, the ministry always follows us. So, we’re busy here as well. We look forward to seeing many of you before we return to Haiti the first week of August. Thanks also to my wonderful sister, Mary Ann, for opening up her beautiful home to us this summer again and for letting us know how much we’ve been missed.


4 thoughts on “Back in NC!

  1. Wow Corey preached on Jochabed too and how she saw something special in her son and proactively moved to save him. Placing him where the Pharoahs daughter was known to go, coaching his sister what to say and basically facilitating the calling on Moses’ life. He talked about celebrating people who stand out, who are exceptional because they lift us all up. So I celebrate you today!

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