2017 MFI Conference


Pastors Lisa and Marc Honorat, Prit, Dana, and Pastor Ed Allan

We wrapped up a 2-day MFI Conference here in Haiti for our Pastors and Leaders on Saturday. Pastor Ed Allan along with Pastors Marc and Lisa Honorat brought an incredible time of ministry to us. Pastor Allan and his wife, Francine, pastor DayStar Church in Le Duc, Alberta, Canada. It was his first visit to Cap-Haitien and we hope there will be many more!

Pastor Marc and Lisa Honorat founded Haiti Arise which is located in the town of Grand Goave in the south of Haiti. In addition to the incredible ministry they have there, they have been instrumental in bringing much needed aid to victims of the devastation of Hurricane Matthew by building homes for the homeless, among other projects. Marc and Lisa are treasured friends and we were so blessed that they took time out from their busy schedules to travel across country to attend our conference -especially after wrapping up a conference of their own.


Pastor Ed Allan sharing on Hearing the Voice of God 

Thank you Pastor Allan, Pastor Marc, and Lisa for such a rich time of ministry and for the awesome fellowship. Thanks also to the MFI Leadership in Portland, Oregon, for making it possible for them to come. Training up leaders is one of our major focuses here in the north of Haiti. Through our Bible institute and the raising up of disciples through our local churches, we are endeavoring to make a better tomorrow for Haiti by raising up men and women who know how to lead by example.


Our pastors and leaders praying for their churches and their nation

We thank all of those who have helped provide scholarships for our men and women, thus enabling us to better equip dynamic leaders for the nation of Haiti. Many of them were greatly enriched by the MFI conference. We would love to provide more leadership conferences throughout the year with needed materials. Haiti is in dire need of Godly leaders who know know how to be standard bearers in a land which has witnessed so much devastation and poverty. The hunger we witnessed in the leaders that attended this conference gives us much hope that God is preparing a people to rise up and pull this post-earthquake nation out of its own rubble. Would you join us in praying for them because their task is truly a daunting one? We ask for your prayers for Haiti’s new President, Jovenel Moise as well. He certainly has a difficult task ahead of him, but there are many Godly Haitians who are standing in the gap for him.

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