Born in a Cave


              -Baby Matthew, wrapped in swaddling clothes

While many of us are focussing on Christmas decorations and finding that perfect gift for that special someone, there’s a whole different kind of Christmas coming up for Haitians located in the south of Haiti. Not far from the town of Jérémie, there are many Haitians who, after losing their homes and their livelihoods, are presently living in a cave.The parallel between the Christmas story and theirs is not too difficult to see. Long ago, a young mother and father sought out a place to bring forth the Christ child, for there was no room in the inn. This year, another son was born to one of the residents of the cave outside of Jérémie. There was no other place of refuge available since Matthew had already leveled everything in its path. Interestingly, the baby boy’s name is Matthew. I hope his parents will tell him that he doesn’t provoke a memory of horrific circumstances, but instead he stands as a symbol of hope and survival.


-Joel with the cave-dwellers

Our friends, Joel and Yvonne Trimble, have been actively involved in helping bring restoration to the south of Haiti. Joel has been helping put new roofs on homes and together they have managed to raise donations to bring food, blankets, clothing and other items to these cave-dwellers. We are so proud of their tireless labor for the Haitian people. Joel and Yvonne have been serving in Haiti for over 40 years now and are good friends of ours. When going through the awful crisis of 2010 when Prit had two back-to-back brain aneurysms, Joel and Yvonne were among the first of our friends to call me long-distance and were a tremendous source of encouragement during a time of great duress.

We’d like to give you the opportunity to send a Christmas offering to their ministry. This would enable them to provide supplies for these folks who have suffered unimaginable loss.


    -Parents and children are living inside this cave



If you’d like to help, click on this link

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