Nèg Banann Lan is President!


15109382_890916191043109_6035529594911329867_nHaiti Has a New President! Jovenel Moise has won the Haitian Presidential election with over 55% of the vote. That’s not too bad considering there were three other candidates in the running. Thanks to the prayers of many, peace reigned throughout the nation of Haiti as its people turned out in mass to exercise their right to vote. Anyone who knows anything about Haiti’s troubled history of dictators, coups d’états, and violence will appreciate the great significance of an ordinary, untroubled day in which the average Haitian could cast his or her vote.

Jovenel Moise resides here in the north of Haiti. He is a very successful businessman who has huge banana plantations. Many of those bananas he now exports to other countries such as Germany. For this, he has earned the name Nèg Banann Nan or Mr. Banana Man. Jovenel was former President Martelly’s favored pick.

We ask that you would pray for Haiti’s new President. Haiti was already the poorest country in this hemisphere. Now, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s devastation in the south and the continued rebuilding after the earthquake of 2010, he has his hands full. New outbreaks of cholera along with other candidates now demanding a recount are only a few of the items on Jovenel’s challenge list. However, many of our Haitian brethren are greatly encouraged and believe this is the dawning of a new day. Let’s hope so!




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