Umbrellas Are For Outside!

NFullSizeRender-35.jpgormally, umbrellas are for use when the rain is pouring down – outside. The members of our second church plant in Sainte-Philomène need to keep theirs’ on hand in case it’s a rainy day – inside. Since the church roof leaks so badly, they know they’ll probably need them. Who wants to sit on a wet bench and have water dripping from the roof while one’s listening to a sermon? Yet, these folks walk for miles in the rain only to sit under a dripping tin roof.

We have received a generous check to start the work of replacing this roof, plus the members of the church have been taking up their meager offerings to help pay the remaining costs. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. We are still short $1,700 US. Once the work has begun, it can’t stop until it’s finished. For this reason,  we can’t begin until all the money is collected. Can you help? You can make all the difference in our members getting to choose between a wet spot or a dry one!







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