A Whole-New Batch of Mercies

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3.22-23)

fd3d6364bb2c3b2d32b98b07c78afe1aAs I sit here in our freshly-painted office with a newly-tiled floor, I’m thanking the Lord for his blessings. It was the last room in this mission house to be tiled and it’s finally done. It’s often the simplest things that give us the most joy.

I look out of our office window into the yard and see it’s a gorgeous day here in Cap-Haitian. Though it looks just like every other day, it’s not the same. It’s brand new and there’s a whole new batch of mercies that have come with it. Because of this we not only wish all of you a Happy New Year, but also a Happy New Morning! How kind of the Lord to come to us with new mercies every single day. It not only reveals his merciful nature, but his generous one as well.

We are looking forward to our MFI Leaders’ Conference this week. Two MFI Pastors (Stephen Stells and John Finochio) will be pouring into our leaders on Thursday and Friday. We know it’s going to be a very rich and profitable time for these pastors and leaders here in the north of Haiti. Our prayer is that they will come away from these meetings recharged as well as encouraged and better equipped to do the work of the Lord in this part of His vineyard. We so appreciate the time and effort our brethren are taking to come all this way to invest in Rehoboth Ministries as well as to fellowship with us.

This coming Sunday (10 January 2016) will mark 33 years of ministry for us in Haiti. After the many trials and hardships we’ve come through while laboring in this country, the Lord has helped us to stay the course. His mercies never come to an end!

We are delighted that Pastor Finochio will also be here to celebrate with us and to bring the message that will kickstart the 34th year of our ministry in Haiti. We thank you, our partners, for the major role you have played in enabling us to stay on the front line all these years. We simply could not have done it without you. We pray especially that Lamentations 3.22-23 will be your portion all through 2016!

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