Get Off The Front Line!


                                           Tom and Bev Brumbley

Tom and Bev Brumbley have been missionaries to Haiti for over forty years. We became friends with them while living in Port-au-Prince for our first 5 1/2 years. When Prit and I encountered our first real crisis in Haiti, Tom and Bev were part of a prayer chain that gathered outside my (Dana’s) hospital door and prayed nonstop for me. With a 105 degree fever and horrific stomach pain caused by a urinary infection, the doctors were urging me to let them take the baby by Caesarean, then do exploratory surgery to find the source of the infection. Neither one of these proposals gave us any peace. Due to the Brumbley’s prayers coupled with those of many other missionaries, I was miraculously healed and gave birth to a normal, healthy baby boy two weeks later. That “boy” (John) now works with us here on the mission field and teaches in our Bible institute. We have remained great friends with the Brumbleys over the years, although we left Port-au-Prince in 1988 and moved to the north coast to plant our first church.

The Brumbleys are no ordinary people. They have now spent over forty years in Haiti and have gone through their own share of troubles. After saying goodbye to their family, friends, and country, they moved to Haiti with a zeal to do God’s work. At one point, however, the bottom seemed to have fallen out and all their plans appeared to unravel.

On the Brumbleys’ return flight to Haiti in 1974, their plane had engine failure and crashed. Jody, their 10 month-old daughter, had been sleeping in Bev’s arms. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive the crash. As if this wasn’t enough, the property which they had been renting was suddenly sold. The Brumbleys, along with the children from their orphanage, had to relocate to three different houses. None of them were next to each other. Still not having enough room, they had to find other places to put the rest of the orphans. Bev said, “I felt like everything was falling apart as well everything we had worked for.”

Heartbroken, Tom was complaining to the Lord one day about the tragedy and sudden loss of their precious little girl as well as the other difficulties he and Bev were facing. He bitterly complained to the Lord that it was just too much for them to bear. He related this story to us. “I was startled to hear God’s voice answering me,” THEN GET OFF THE FRONT LINETom was reminded that they were in a war zone and Haiti was no playground. It had also been the graveyard for countless ministries which had failed. Laboring in a country which had been consecrated in 1791 to Satan would not come without a price. He had been told to count the cost.

Fortunately, in spite of their heartache, the Brumbleys consecrated themselves afresh to their mission. They have raised up churches, schools, orphanages, a medical clinic, and several other works. Today they are still busy planting new churches. We are so glad they stayed the course.


Lindsey, Bev with Lindsey’s daughter, Maya, Casey and daughter, Lily, and Tom

The Lord does not leave us comfortless, however. Tom and Bev had two more daughters; Lindsey (whom I had the great privilege of teaching) and Kasi. Lindsey and Kasi are now two beautiful grown women with families of their own. Tom and Bev now divide their time between their mission work in Haiti and doting over their two grandchildren. We are so glad that they chose to stay the course and set an example for Prit and me to follow. Even though I’m sure it would make them blush, they are true heroes to us!

Anyone who is well acquainted with Prit and myself and the work of Rehoboth Ministries knows that being here for 33 years has not come without its own hardships and trials. Sickness, demonic oppression, limited resources, incredible loneliness, and an unstable government would just be headliners for the obstacles we’ve faced. Someone asked me once, “Do you ever just want to throw in the towel and give up?” I answered, “Yes, all the time!” But, the Lord has been faithful and much has been accomplished here. We are thankful that we had the Brumbley’s example to follow and that they stayed on the front line.

Thank you, Tom and Bev, for being such great friends and such great missionaries! If you would like to know more about their work, check out this link:

Share In The Miracle!

Vacation’s over and our schools have been back in session for a couple of weeks. That means tasty, fortified food is being served up to over 900 recipients 5 days a week. Thanks to Orphans Promise and to you, our supporters, children who were once dull and listless are now bright-eyed and full of energy! Below is a picture of a truckload of boxes en route for Petite-Anse while others stay behind for the students at the Sainte-Philomène school.


  • Isn’t he the cutest thing you ever saw? I can’t believe he sat still long enough to pose  with me. Usually, our students are racing around and showing off. Maybe it’s all the energy from the food they’re getting!


  • Is he happy or what?


  • I know this is blurry, but it was too good to pass up. Perpetual motion!


  • You are making a HUGE difference. Thank you again for your support!


  • The girls are always the best behaved!


What a blessing to be able to impact young lives like these! Who knows what their futures hold? We invite you to share in the miracle of feeding and discipling the youth of Haiti.



Off With A Bang!

images   2016 has started off with a bang. So far, we have had a very busy January!

MFI Conference

Last week was a super busy week and we had much to celebrate. Two MFI Pastors, Stephen Stells (Richmond, Virginia) and John Finochio (Harriston, Ontario) were our guest speakers on Thursday and Friday for a Leaders’ Conference. Our conference room was packed out and leaders from the north of Haiti soaked in the rich ministry of God’s Word as Steve and John ministered on the subject, CONNECT.


Leaders’ Conference on the Sainte Philomène Compound

Minister’s Fellowship International is all about relationships. Their motto is, “Why walk alone when we can walk together?’’ So the subject matter for the conference was an extension of who we are as a fellowship. Learning to connect with each other, form relationships and build on those relationships is why we are happy to be part of MFI. Having our guest speakers here to minister these truths to our own leaders, plus leaders from other parts of the north of Haiti, was a natural overflow of the principles we embrace as a fellowship. Our leaders were incredibly blessed by all the rich teaching and we thank Pastor Steve and Pastor John for coming and imparting the very best of what they had to give. Of course, our times of fellowship and laughter were no small thing for us as missionaries.


Pastor John & Jan Finochio

John also stayed over to help us celebrate 33 years in Haiti. He preached a wonderful message on Leadership and moved with a powerful prophetic anointing. We also asked him to preside over the ordination of a special couple (Johnny Paulcin and his wife.) Johnny and his wife have already been laboring at our church plant in Bourne, Haiti which is almost a 3-hour drive from Cap-Haitian. They have proved themselves more than faithful for the task! (See pic below).




Pastor Steve & Sharon Stells


We say a special “thank you” to the MFI Leadership for coordinating this conference and to our two guest speakers for providing such a rich time of ministry for us.





Thirty-Three Year Anniversary in Haiti!


President Jean-Claude Duvalier with his “Tonton Macoutes”

On 10 January, 1983, Prit and I made the most radical decision of our lives. We moved to Haiti! I’ll never forget descending the steps of the airplane at the Mai Gaté airport in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and seeing the feared Tonton Macoutes standing below. The private army of Jean-Claude Duvalier (inherited from his father, Francois Duvalier) was a formidable sight. Each one held an Uzi submachine gun and wore dark sunglasses. Tales we had heard about the atrocities committed by these henchmen sent shivers UP and DOWN my spine! This introduction to Haiti was only the first of many that this naive country girl from North Carolina would encounter. Living through the downfall of Duvalier’s regime and his private militia was only one of many things we would witness over the span of thirty-three years in this place we’ve called home. We give the Lord thanks and all the glory for bringing us all the way to 2016 in one piece!

Earthquake of 2010

12549066_10208778671208858_3672848122975018198_nJanuary 12, 2010, will forever be etched into the memories of the Haitian people. This week we remembered the terrible suffering, devastation and loss of an estimated (220,000-316,000) lives that occurred within a 60-second period. Although the cause for so much devastation was not that of a terrorist attack, the magnitude of the suffering experienced by Haiti’s citizens is on the par of our 9/11. Would you please pray for the families that survived, yet who still ache from the memories of their loved ones. Ayiti Chéri, we will never forget. The following link is very informative.

Congratulations Pastor and Madame Pastor Paulcin!


Change of Address

If you did not see our last post, please note that our mailing address has moved. The Lord’s Table (a longtime supporting church) is now overseeing our finances. Please be sure you send any and all donations to the following address:

The Lord’s Table
PO Box 11049
Goldsboro, NC 27532

*Please earmark all donations Haiti and include a note as to whether your gift is to one of the following funds:

-Bible School Scholarships
-Adams Family

You can also give on their website:  Again, just be sure you note that it’s for Haiti!

A Whole-New Batch of Mercies

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3.22-23)

fd3d6364bb2c3b2d32b98b07c78afe1aAs I sit here in our freshly-painted office with a newly-tiled floor, I’m thanking the Lord for his blessings. It was the last room in this mission house to be tiled and it’s finally done. It’s often the simplest things that give us the most joy.

I look out of our office window into the yard and see it’s a gorgeous day here in Cap-Haitian. Though it looks just like every other day, it’s not the same. It’s brand new and there’s a whole new batch of mercies that have come with it. Because of this we not only wish all of you a Happy New Year, but also a Happy New Morning! How kind of the Lord to come to us with new mercies every single day. It not only reveals his merciful nature, but his generous one as well.

We are looking forward to our MFI Leaders’ Conference this week. Two MFI Pastors (Stephen Stells and John Finochio) will be pouring into our leaders on Thursday and Friday. We know it’s going to be a very rich and profitable time for these pastors and leaders here in the north of Haiti. Our prayer is that they will come away from these meetings recharged as well as encouraged and better equipped to do the work of the Lord in this part of His vineyard. We so appreciate the time and effort our brethren are taking to come all this way to invest in Rehoboth Ministries as well as to fellowship with us.

This coming Sunday (10 January 2016) will mark 33 years of ministry for us in Haiti. After the many trials and hardships we’ve come through while laboring in this country, the Lord has helped us to stay the course. His mercies never come to an end!

We are delighted that Pastor Finochio will also be here to celebrate with us and to bring the message that will kickstart the 34th year of our ministry in Haiti. We thank you, our partners, for the major role you have played in enabling us to stay on the front line all these years. We simply could not have done it without you. We pray especially that Lamentations 3.22-23 will be your portion all through 2016!