Celebrating on Several Levels!


Pastor Richard Kope reading God’s Word to Prit (2010)


                     Day of Release

Happy 4th of July to all our friends and supporters from Rehoboth Ministries! As many of you may recall, this is a Day of Remembrance for us. Today makes exactly five years since Prit suffered his first of two back-to-back brain aneurysms while we were visiting friends in Canada. We will never tire of thanking those who stood in the gap with us during that horrendous trial when Prit’s life was hanging in the balance. Thanks to Pastors Richard and Beth Kope, members of their church in Didsbury, Alberta, Pastor Christian Séveno who flew in from Montreal to help us pray, our family members and thousands of prayer warriors around the world, we have much to celebrate on this day. Last, but certainly not least, are our Haitian brothers and sisters who felt burdened to pray before this trial by fire even began! If you haven’t read that story yet, get a copy of Into the Storm  and be encouraged!

There are also some other interesting facts about the Adams family concerning this same date. Not only was it a victory day for Prit, the 4th of July remains etched in our memories for other reasons as well.

1) Exactly a year ago today, Prit’s mom, Lucy, went home to be with the Lord. Her absence has been keenly felt in so many ways, but we know she has found her eternal reward.

2) The roots of the Adams family tree extend all the way back to John Adams. John Adams was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and also served as the second President of the United States for two terms.  But, did you know that both he and Thomas Jefferson, another signer, passed away exactly fifty years after to the day on July 4,1826? As he was passing into eternity, it is recorded that Adams remarked, ”Jefferson still lives.” He had no idea that Jefferson had already preceded him by five hours. Fortunately, the old rivalry that existed between them for eleven years was put to rest before their passing. Check out this link which gives an extraordinary account of this story and the friendship that was rekindled between these two great statesmen.

So, while the Adamses have enjoyed the blessing of independence on so many levels, we give thanks once again for the Lord’s preserving grace upon us. Because of God’s blessing, this grace has extended to Rehoboth Ministries. We also give thanks for the founders of this great nation and the hefty sacrifices they paid for the freedoms we enjoy today.

1 thought on “Celebrating on Several Levels!

  1. Having known the Adams family for some 30 years, and having heard Prit’s and Dana’s testimony a few times, I still thrill at God’s salvation in his life as a missionary/Apostle. Jesus came to rescue and to save. It is a high honor to join Prit and. Dana in their calling.

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