Home Sweet Home

c5a17c521630120bead033096abe8b40Prit and I arrived to Cap Haitian early Monday morning. It was encouraging to see the progress that’s been made on the airport with the addition of new rooms. Since American Airlines will be flying into our beautiful city as of 2 October, it warms our hearts to see the forward movement that’s taking place to get ready for them. Since our children were just kids, there have been rumors of American Airlines flying directly here to the north coast. We almost have to pinch ourselves now to realize this REALLY is happening!

A study proved that one-third of the folks flying into the capital of Port-au-Prince made Cap-Haitian their final destination. We’ve joked with friends about all the years we have flown on turbo props, DC-3’s, metroliners, and the Agape Flights mission plane. “We’ve done all the hard stuff. Now flight time is only about 1 hour, 30 min. in a commercial jet from Miami. Now, you have no excuse not to come,” we said. “We’re rolling out the red carpet for all of you who’d like to visit.”

Right after we arrived, John came down with what the doctor thought was either typhoid or malaria. Lab results revealed a throat infection, however, and this has been a rough week for him. He seems to be on the mend, yet we ask your continued prayers for a quick and complete recovery. John has been a tremendous asset to the work here and it’s such a joy to have one of our three children working alongside of us in the ministry.

After getting acclimated to the heat once again, Prit and I have enjoyed reuniting with our leaders and workers whom we haven’t seen in several months. Our house is once again the major hub of activity with folks coming and going all the time. There’s no lack of projects to tackle and soon I look forward to sharing pictures of the cabinets for John’s house as well as the island for the kitchen in our own home. Boss Luckner has been working overtime, even laboring at night trying to finish these and other projects. He’s even made a trip to the clinic to get a couple of fingers stitched due to working with poor lighting. Please remember him in your prayers.

We’re gearing up for many visitors in October. There are all kinds of good things on the horizon and we look forward to sharing them with you later. We thank all of you for our flights back to Haiti. Although we certainly feel the loss of Prit’s parents’ involvement in our affairs, we know they are cheering us on from Heaven’s sidelines.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for our pastors, teachers, and workers. School is starting up very slowly and many parents have not sent their children to class yet due to the economic hardship of paying for tuition, uniforms, and books.
  • Pray for us as we meet together with our leaders to know how to handle hard decisions wisely.
  • Toussaint (our security guard) asked for an advance in his salary today to pay for an operation for his wife. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Rodney, a faithful member of Pastor Lefort’s church, has been in need of a hernia operation for eight years. I told him I’d ask for prayer.
  • Pray for John’s complete recovery.


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