Thank You, Trinity Church!

The work has slowly started up again on the small mission house on our compound in Sainte-Philomène. We have Trinity Church in Tacoma, Washington to thank for that. Due to their extreme generosity, we are happy to say our guys in Haiti are being put to work.This week, the kitchen/living room combo is being prepped before the Tacoma team returns to Cap-Haitian in October.

Thanks to Trinity Church, the floor is being levelled with concrete and new tile has been purchased. When the team arrives, it will be ready to lay. We also have Boss Luckner building cabinets for the kitchen so that the team can also install them when they arrive. Luckner’s also doing the necessary plumbing. You can see that our little house is very rustic, but with new tile, cabinets, and a fresh coat of paint, it’s going to look brand new! Thank you Pastor Rollie Simmons and Trinity Church for helping make a dream come true!

There are many other construction projects just waiting to be completed. Would you like to help us build a sewing center, remodel the kitchen in the larger mission house, or add needed rooms to the mission houses for future teams? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

1 thought on “Thank You, Trinity Church!

  1. I would like to thank the 1800 prayer hot line who accompanied me in my time of trouble with a wonderful prayer tonight.It means the world to me to have my soul lifted up in such a positive way with out asking for anything in return .Thank you to the lady named Victoria who prayed SI beautifully for me. I am for ever thankful!

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