When It Rains, It Pours

Many thanks to our son, John, Pastor Lefort, and other helpers for taking care of a big job for us while we’re away from Haiti. Due to a very heavy rainstorm and a clogged up canal which runs alongside the wall separating our house from the property next door, our house flooded with water. It took three hours for John and the other workers to mop the inside of our house so it could dry out. Fortunately, only a few books in the library got wet. Thanks to a drainage gate that our neighbors closed off, the canal became so clogged the rainwater would not drain away. We say a big THANK YOU to all our helpers.

Thanks to Robert and Gail Faircloth of Fayetteville, NC, we have several new Haitian Bibles to distribute. Our security guard, Toussaint, is the first recipient and is elated to have a copy of God’s Word. Since Haitians rarely receive a brand new gift, this is considered a priceless treasure.


Would you like for us to come to your church, group, fellowship, or meeting and share about World Missions and the great things God has done in Haiti? Contact us and we will get back with you!

2 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Wow, that was nice of your neighbours to close that gate; sorry to hear about that. Your disciples in Haiti just continue to be faithful and diligent don’t they?! And how is Lucy? We miss you guys and wonder when we will see you again. Corey and Erin are doing a great job leading our church, new families are coming in and Richard and I are finding our place in all of this. Like someone said to us last week, ” you have to find a whole new psychological rhythm for your life” . So that is what we are doing. We spent a week in Winnipeg with our son Ryan and his wife Jodi and their 2 sons, Liam (9) and Seth ( nearly 6) Richard always works on various projects around their house, installing downstairs bathroom etc. It’s great to see he and Ryan work together and they appreciate it so much. Then, next week, we fly to Oregon coast for week holiday before coming back to take care of church while Corey and Erin take the month of July off. That will be so good for them and the girls. Loved the pic of Tour saint, brought back memories of time spent with you in the house on the hill. Right now, I am up early waiting for news of Nasya ( remember her? ) She is supposed to be delivering their 2 nd baby and it’s been a long night coming. We’ve had a long winter here but spring and spring planting has finally come so we are encouraged to be planting flowers and gardens. Took the girls over to Hughie’s last week to show them how to plant a few rows of vegetables. Katie quietly dug a hole and put several toasted almonds ( her snack) in it and told us to expect a almond tree!! Now that would be a miracle! We are stalled right now in Kenya waiting for our people there to get some things together and developing new and hopefully more effective ways of working with them, especially where financial aid is concerned. We are expecting them to contribute more and rely less on us. Sadly, the pastor’s wife has become very greedy and dishonest and we cannot work with her any longer. So that has also been challenging , especially for Richard who has invested so much there. We are waiting for them to get the title for land purchased, then Richard will get society formed so we can own land there and proceed with the project. Our next scheduled trip to Kenya is in November which is a long time from now. Pastor Mike seems to be doing well and the church is behind him. How is Deb doing with her new son? Is she enjoying being a mom? And how’s Gabe? Well, I better go. We love you guys and miss you. Beth

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