Put On Hold

redlightPut. On. Hold. That’s what seems to have happened to our lives recently. Just a few weeks ago, we were busy wrapping up an MFI Conference in Haiti, then boarding a plane just a few days later for Ft. Lauderdale. All of us were scurrying about getting ready for Deborah’s wedding, then making our 8-hour trek back to North Carolina.

Life is like that. One day, you’re hurrying about, wondering how you’re going to catch up on all there is to do. The next thing you know, the momentum shifts to a slower pace.

We thought we’d be back in Haiti by now, but attention to last minute details concerning the ministry, as well as waiting on a doctor’s appointment for John, have caused us to switch lanes. So, like Paul, we’re making ourselves content with our situation.

This morning we shared at the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship here in Fayetteville. It was great to be back among such a great group of friends again. We’ve also enjoyed spending time with friends, family, and supporters. Earlier this week, we were delighted to receive a visit from some longtime friends and supporting pastors, Matt and Becky Garrett. Matt and Becky brought along their daughter, Emily and her husband, Julio. Emily and Julio are missionaries to Columbia. We hadn’t seen Emily in several years and it was our first time meeting Julio. It was so great to catch up with one another and gain a new friend.

It looks like we may be around for another week. If you’d like for us come minister in your church or group, contact us! Meanwhile, we ask for your prayers for our leaders who are overseeing the work in Haiti.

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